Design and manufacture of custom handcrafted jewellery

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Uncut Jewellers specialises in the design and manufacture of custom, handcrafted jewellery. We understand that each of our customers is truly as unique and special as the jewellery that they wish to wear.

Our offering includes engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, dress rings, earrings, broaches and special anniversary items. In short … if it’s jewellery and it needs to be special … it needs to be Uncut. We also do cleaning, resizing and repair.

Uncut Jewellers has a number of unique specialty areas. Ask us about our Mokume-gane and wooden rings.



An Engagement Ring is a personal item that carries a great deal of sentimental value and meaning. Let’s have a relaxed chat about your preferences, ideas and expectations. We are able to advise you on design options, stone types, settings and much more … ensuring that you end up with an Engagement Ring that is specially designed to represent your unique bond.


Wedding Bands

Uncut Jewellers believe that the design of a Wedding Band should subtly compliment the look and feel of the Engagement Ring. It doesn't matter if you purchased the Engagement Ring elsewhere … we are perfectly happy to create a Wedding Band that hits the sweet spot. Oh, and Ladies, please remember that when it comes to Wedding Bands for the Groom, it’s always best to get his input.


Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds

Uncut Jewellers can offer you a choice of loose Natural diamonds, Lab Grown diamonds and Moissanite stones and are all options for our engagement rings or dress rings. Contact us for more information


Dress Rings

Uncut loves making up Dress Rings. They present us with an opportunity to make an item that truly shows off your unique beauty and personality. It all starts with us getting to know you and then taking the time to meticulously craft a piece that is as unique and special as you are.


Men's Cuffs

These days, “trendy men” wear jewellery … and Cuffs rate highly among the popular items. We make Cuffs from various types of metals, depending on your style and personality. We can also create truly unique Cuffs by applying our Mokume-gane technique.


Maintenance and Repurposing

We offer a number of maintenance services including cleaning, repairing and the redesigning existing jewellery items. We are happy to trade-in old jewellery as an offset against your new project.

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